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La Mirada Remains Focused on Strategic Goals

Post Date:02/01/2018 12:10 PM

Earlier this month, La Mirada City Council reviewed the progress on its Strategic Plan 2020.  The Strategic Plan, which was developed in 2016; identifies future goals and objectives, and sets the course to achieve them, building on La Mirada’s record of providing high quality programs and services.

The plan includes 18 separate goals in support of five core strategies that were identified to guide the City through the near term.  Specific action items were set to advance the City’s progress in various areas, including public safety, economic development, fiscal stability, and improving the community overall quality of life. 

La Mirada continues to follow prudent financial practices by operating with a balanced budget and maintaining a healthy level of savings.  With a conservative approach to maintaining expenditures within budget, and revenue forecasting, the General Fund savings remain well above the goal of 30 percent of expenditures.

The City continues its strong emphasis on City beautification, with well-maintained parkways, streets, facilities, and parks.  The use of voter-approved Measure I funds has continued to support street improvements in residential neighborhoods. The Measure I tax expires after March 31, although neighborhood street improvements will continue.   

Maintaining La Mirada as a safe community remains a top priority for City officials.  La Mirada’s crime rate in 2016 was below 200 crimes per 10,000 residents, which was among the lowest in the region.  Preliminary information for 2017 indicates that La Mirada will achieve this established goal again.  The use of innovative tools, including a second Automated License Plate Recognition System, provides Sheriff’s deputies with the resources to fight crime effectively.

The City commemorated milestone anniversaries for two of its top facilities this last year, as La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts celebrated its 40th anniversary and Splash! La Mirada Regional Aquatics Center celebrated its 10th.  These award-winning facilities continue to provide top recreational and cultural programming for families in and around La Mirada.

The City’s use of technology to facilitate providing services to residents continues to be well-received.  Use of the “My La Mirada” service request system continues to increase, as close to 700 service requests were received through the smartphone app last year.

The City continues to work with key businesses, property owners, and developers to promote La Mirada’s economic vitality.  The City also continues to collaborate with partnering organizations and service clubs to continue to benefit the community.

“A tremendous amount of progress was made in 2017,” says City Manager Jeff Boynton.  “The City continues to use the Strategic Plan as a guide for ensuring La Mirada remains a safe, attractive, and responsive City for its residents and businesses.”

The Strategic Plan 2020 is available to view on the City’s website at

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