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Spring Youth Sports Leagues in La Mirada

Post Date:02/06/2018 9:16 AM

Registration for youth sports leagues offered by the City of La Mirada begins on Tuesday, February 20.  Registration can be done in person or by visiting the City’s website at  Recreational youth sports offered for the spring season includes Volleytennis, Volleyball, and Friday Night Football.  Children ages 5 to 17 are invited to participate.  The last day to register is Monday, March 12.

Youth Volleytennis League is a fun combination of volleyball and tennis.  This is the perfect opportunity for children ages 7 to 8 who want to learn how to play volleyball.  The net is lower and the ball may bounce making it easier for those who are still learning the game.  Youth Volleytennis League games are played at the La Mirada Community Gymnasium on Sunday afternoons and the league cost is $69.

Youth Volleyball League is for recreational play and coaches emphasize passing, setting, serving, and teamwork.  The league cost is $69 and games are played on Saturday and Sunday afternoons at the La Mirada Community Gymnasium.  Practices for Volleytennis and Volleyball begin the week of March 26.

The popular Friday Night Football League is returning for the spring season.  Friday Night Football promotes the flag football style of play with less contact and limited blocking.  The quick strike, high scoring offensive style of play helps develop players’ skills and allows for a fun and safe environment.  All games are played Friday evenings under the lights at La Mirada High School.  Practices begin the week of March 26 and the league cost is $74.

“These leagues are the perfect way for youth participants to learn the fundamentals of a new sport or fine tune their athletic skills,” says Community Services Director Lori Thompson.

For more information or to sign up, visit the City’s website or call (562) 943-7277.

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