Measure I, Phase 5, Neighborhood Street Rehabilitation


Construction Starts: Winter 2018

Construction Ends: Summer 2019

Budget: $8 million 

Background: Many of the neighborhood streets in La Mirada were constructed over 50 years ago and, while they have received preventive maintenance, the pavement has exceeded its useful life and is now in need of rehabilitation.  This project is the fifth phase of the City’s residential street rehabilitation projects to be funded by Measure I.


Phase  5  includes  pavement  rehabilitation,  replacement  of  damaged  curb,  gutter  and  sidewalk,  upgrades  to  existing  and  placement  of  new  handicap  curb  access  ramps,  and  slurry  seal  of  recently  repaved  streets  within  the  project  area,  as  well  as  storm  drain  improvements  within  the  frontage  road  of  Valley  View  Avenue  and  Foster  Road,  among  other  neighborhood  improvements.

Project Area

Phase  5  will  include  all  residential  streets  bounded  by  Imperial  Highway,  Biola  Avenue,  Stage  Road,  Valley  View  Avenue,  and  Milan  Creek.    Imperial  Highway,  Rosecrans  Avenue,  Stage  Road,  Valley  View  Avenue,  and  Biola  Avenue  are  not  part  of  this  project.

For additional information, call the Public Works Department at (562) 902-2385.