Rosecrans Avenue Dual Left Turn Pockets at Beach Boulevard


Construction Starts:Winter 2017

Construction Ends:Spring 2017

Funding Source: General Fund and Gas Tax

Budget: $150,000

Background:  The number one eastbound through lane ceases to function during peak travel times due to the back up in the left-turn lane.  There is adequate room within the existing roadway to add a second left-turn lane with minimal impact to the currently permitted parking area by the Rose-Beach Apartments and Los Coyotes Middle School.  There is also adequate room within the existing roadway for the addition of another left-turn lane for westbound Rosecrans Avenue.  The additional lanes will improve the efficiency of the intersection by moving nearly twice as many left-turn vehicles during the allotted left-turn phase of the traffic signal timing and installation of a raised median to control left turn movement near the intersection.


Construction of dual left turn Lanes on Rosecrans Avenue

Project Area

Rosecrans at Beach Boulevard.

For additional information, call the Public Works Department at (562) 902-2385.