Santa Gertrudes Parkway and Wall Improvements


Construction Starts: July 2017

Construction Ends: December 2017

Funding Source: General Fund

Budget: $1,425,000

Background:  The perimeter wall along the east side of Santa Gertrudes Avenue from Rosecrans Avenue to Alicante Road is in poor condition.  In recent years, it has tilted down slope toward the adjacent homes.  Movement of the wall, which retains two to five feet of soil, has resulted in the undermining of the City sidewalk.  The sidewalk concrete panels have become uneven and very difficult for pedestrians to negotiate.


The construction will include the installation of a new perimeter/retaining wall, new concrete sidewalk, curb and gutter and new parkway landscaping.  The design also includes coordination with Southern California Edison to coordinate the protection of the existing overhead power and communication lines.

Project Area

For additional information, call the Public Works Department at (562) 902-2385.