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La Mirada Public Safety


The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department provides law enforcement services to the City of La Mirada. Civilian Public Safety Officers, the City Prosecutor, the District Attorney, Probation and Parole Officers, Neighborhood Watch and Business Watch Volunteers, the volunteer HAM Radio Officers and Public Safety Volunteers provide an extensive network of support. The team works cooperatively with residents and businesses to identify and resolve crime problems and encourages active public participation in crime prevention efforts.

Animal Control

The City of La Mirada contracts with the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Control. The Animal Control Officer assigned to the City of La Mirada patrols the City for violations such as unleashed animals and unlicensed dogs. The officer also responds to emergency calls related to animals, educations, shelter, pet adoption, and answers requests for service that are received from La Mirada residents.

City Prosecutor

The City Prosecutor’s Office works with the City’s Public Safety Officers assigned to municipal code enforcement and with Sheriff’s Deputies to prosecute violations of the La Mirada Municipal Code.

Detective Bureau

The Detective Bureau is responsible for the investigation of crimes. In the last couple of years, the Detective Bureau has effectively attained the necessary information in order to submit successful investigations to the District Attorney’s Office for prosecution.

District Attorney

The City of La Mirada contracts with the County of Los Angeles for a District Attorney through the Strategies Against Gang Environments (SAGE) program. Using a target approach to crime suppression, the Deputy District Attorney assists field deputies and probation and parole officers in identifying problems, developing enforcement strategies, and preparing search warrants and crime reports. The District Attorney ensures that the courts and prosecuting attorneys are aware of the City’s position regarding specific cases.

Fire Department

The Los Angeles County Fire Department services the City of La Mirada. Station #49 is located at 13720 La Mirada Boulevard and Station #194 located at 13540 S. Beach Blvd.   

General Patrol

The La Mirada Public Safety Team’s Patrol Division consists of Patrol Officers, Sergeants and a Lieutenant. Deputies patrol the City 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The primary function of this division is crime prevention. We achieve this goal by utilizing many different tools. The patrol division is the front line of the team. When residents call 9-1-1 with an emergency, a Sheriff’s Deputy will respond. In the case of an emergency, call 9-1-1, or to report a non-emergency, call the La Mirada Community Sheriff’s Station at (562) 902-2960.

A patrol sergeant is assigned to each shift. The patrol sergeant reports to the La Mirada Lieutenant and supervises deputies assigned to general law and traffic enforcements under their command. The patrol sergeant enforces department procedures, monitors calls handled by patrol deputies, reviews incident reports, and offers guidance to deputies when needed.

When patrol deputies are not answering dispatched calls, they are encouraged to conduct proactive patrols, which include and are not limited to looking for potential problems, suspicious persons or situations, and executing arrest warrants.

The Lieutenant is responsible for the direct oversight of field personnel and their activities, review and approval of all bookings of arrestees in the Norwalk Sheriff’s Station, and coordination of resources in emergency case situations. In addition, the Lieutenant receives and records personnel complaints, investigates force and resolves personnel conflicts.

Sheriff’s Department

Sworn law enforcement services are provided under a contract with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. The Department provides police patrol, traffic enforcement, and crime investigation. Additionally, a four-member Special Assignment Team proactively enforces against gang, juvenile, and narcotics activities. Special Assignment Deputies coordinate with the general law and traffic enforcement teams, detectives, and civilian Public Safety Officers to develop information necessary to resolve ongoing crimes and nuisances.

For more information about the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, visit their website at

Probation Department

The City contracts with the Los Angeles County Probation Department for the services of a juvenile Probation Officer. The Probation Officer monitors the activities of formal and informal probationers, work with the City’s law enforcement team to reduce crime and delinquency, and conducts presentations for community organizations.

Public Safety Assistants

Public Safety Assistants are employees of the City who are trained by the Sheriff’s Department to handle complaints and requests for law enforcement services utilizing specialized Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) terminals. In addition to imputing calls for service for dispatching, Public Safety Assistants are responsible for answering questions received in person at the La Mirada Community Sheriff’s Station or by telephone and provide clerical assistance to the team.

Public Safety Officers

Public Safety Officers are employees of the City who are trained to provide assistance to the public at the La Mirada Community Sheriff's Station and write non-hazardous reports, such as forgery, vandalism, and burglaries. Officers also educate school children on safety issues, assist deputies in the field, and patrol the City for parking and municipal code violations.

Special Assignment Team

The City’s four-member Special Assignment Team of deputies proactively enforce against gang, juvenile, and narcotic activities. The deputies coordinate with the general law and traffic enforcement deputies, Detectives, the Deputy District Attorney, Probation, and civilian Public Safety Officers to develop information necessary to resolve ongoing crimes and nuisances. The team is committed to community-based, problem-oriented policing and has implemented aggressive crime suppression programs. The Special Assignment Team is dedicated to maintaining La Mirada’s high standards and quality of life through proactive enforcement and collaborative efforts with the community.

Traffic and Parking Enforcement

The purpose of the Traffic Unit is to reduce injury traffic collisions and property damage through enforcement of primary accident causing violation and education.

Specially assigned deputies patrol the City specifically looking for accident causing or “moving” violations and take enforcement action. The types of violations traffic deputies look for are those that can cause serious injury or death if a collision occurred. For example, speed, failure to stop at a red signal, failure to obey traffic signs, seatbelt laws, improper use of child safety seats, and jaywalking are all violations that traffic deputies cite for.

Speed is enforced by the use of Laser in the City of La Mirada. The officers use hand held and stationary Laser guns, which are tested daily to ensure proper function and accuracy. The City of La Mirada has the units calibrated by a certified technician on an annual basis.

For more information on the Public Safety Team, call the La Mirada Community Sheriff’s Station at (562) 902-2960.

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