Promote a High Quality of Life

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Goal 1: Maintain the City's Attractive Environment

1.1 Remove graffiti promptly.

  • Remove graffiti within 24 hour notice.
  • June 2016; Per Occurrence

1.2 Keep right of ways along major streets free of litter, debris and weeds.

  • Remove litter, debris and weeds within 24 hour of notice or observation.
  • June 2016; Per Occurrence

1.3 Replace faded neighborhood street signs.

  • Replace signs when appropriate
  • June 2016; Per Occurrence

1.4 Plant new trees at

City facilities and in

public right of ways. 

  • Identify number of vacant tree wells
  • Plant trees where needed.
  • July 2016, Ongoing
Achieved 2016, 2017
Achieved 2016, 2017 Achieved 2016, 2017 Achieved 2016

1.5 Maintain aesthetics and safety of City buildings and parks.

  • Perform daily City buildings and athletic
    facilities maintenance;
  • Develop plan for building and park infrastructure repairs
  • December 2016


In Progress

2. Goal:  Provide Quality Recreational, Aquatics, and Transit Opportunities

2.1 Offer a wide variety of recreation, aquatics
programs and classes for youth, adults, and seniors that promote health and wellness.

  • New recreation and aquatics survey developed and completed by  patrons
  • Evaluate results for each event, program and service
  • Adjust or implement new events, programs, and service based on resident responses/needs
  • May 2017; Annually

2.2 Evaluate effectiveness of recreation and aquatics events, programs, services and in meeting resident interests.  

  • Evaluate attendance/use records
  • Implement new user survey to be completed by  patrons
  • Evaluate results from attendance/use records and user surveys
  • Adjust or implement new events, programs and services
  • May 2017; Annually

2.3 Explore possible new attractions at Splash!

La Mirada Regional Aquatics Center.

  • Develop plans for implementation of new facility features/attractions.
  • October 2017

2.4 Review the City's

transit service and

explore expanding the

use for senior appointments

in nearby cities. 

  • Conduct a City's transit service study
  • Update the transit service program with possible expanded use for senior appointments
  • May 2017                  
 In Progress In Progress  In Progress   In Progress

3. Goal: Enhance Community Engagement and Satisfaction with City Services 

3.1 Develop new programming at the Theatre to specifically target teens and young adults.

  • Establish new Theatre programming geared towards teens and young adults
  • Increase ticket purchases by teens and young adults
  • December 2019

3.2 Explore developing a full educational outreach program at the Theatre.

  • Implement new educational programming
  • December 2019

3.3 Explore expansion or enhancement opportunities based on the Theatre Operations and Organization study

  • Develop expansion plans or physical enhancements for the Theatre
  • July 2020



 In Progress In Progress  In Progress 

4. Goal: Collaborate with City Partners to Serve the Community

 4.1 Work with non-profit agencies that
provide vital social services to La Mirada

  • Annual Funding Agreements.
  • Annual review

4.2 Continue hosting regular meetings with
City and School District representatives to
discuss items of mutual interest. 

  • Meeting Actions
  • Quarterly

4.3 Work cooperatively with the School District, Athletic Council and Youth Leagues to provide optimal field usage for youth sports leagues.  

  • Fields for practices and games
  • Seasonally


 Achieved 2016,2017 Achieved 2016, 2017  Achieved 2016

5. Goal: Promote community pride

 5.1 Continue providing targeted events that
bring together the broader
La Mirada community.

  • Easter Egg Hunt; Independence Day
    Celebration; Stroll in the Park; Halloweenfest; Chili Holiday; and Summer Concerts.
  • Annual events

5.2 Recognize veterans and active local
military service personnel.

  • Military Banner program; Blue Star program;
    Veterans' Observance; Memorial Day event.
  • Annual events

5.3 Preserve and enhance local understanding of
La Mirada history.

  • Promote free monthly tours of the
    Neff Estate
  • Provide classroom history presentations
  • Continue to secure funding for restoration projects at the Neff Estate
  • Complete Neff Estate restoration projects. 
  • June 2017; Monthly 
 Achieved 2016 Achieved 2016 Achieved 2016