Promote a High Quality of Life

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Goal 1: Maintain the City's Attractive Environment

1.1 Remove graffiti promptly.

  • Remove graffiti within 24 hour notice.
  • June 2016; Per Occurrence

1.2 Keep right of ways along major streets free of litter, debris and weeds.

  • Remove litter, debris and weeds within 24 hour of notice or observation.
  • June 2016; Per Occurrence

1.3 Replace faded neighborhood street signs.

  • Replace signs when appropriate
  • June 2016; Per Occurrence

1.4 Plant new trees at

City facilities and in

public right of ways. 

  • Identify number of vacant tree wells
  • Plant trees where needed.
  • July 2016, Ongoing
Achieved 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
Achieved 2016, 2017
2018, 2019
Achieved 2016, 2017
2018, 2019
Achieved 2016, 2017
2018, 2019

1.5 Maintain aesthetics and safety of City buildings and parks.

  • Perform daily City buildings and athletic
    facilities maintenance;
  • Develop plan for building and park infrastructure repairs
  • December 2016


In Progress

2. Goal:  Provide Quality Recreational, Aquatics, and Transit Opportunities

2.1 Offer a wide variety of recreation, aquatics
programs and classes for youth, adults, and seniors that promote health and wellness.

  • New recreation and aquatics survey developed and completed by  patrons
  • Evaluate results for each event, program and service
  • Adjust or implement new events, programs, and service based on resident responses/needs
  • May 2017; Annually

2.2 Evaluate effectiveness of recreation and aquatics events, programs, services and in meeting resident interests.  

  • Evaluate attendance/use records
  • Implement new user survey to be completed by  patrons
  • Evaluate results from attendance/use records and user surveys
  • Adjust or implement new events, programs and services
  • May 2017; Annually

2.3 Explore possible new attractions at Splash!

La Mirada Regional Aquatics Center.

  • Develop plans for implementation of new facility features/attractions.
  • October 2017

2.4 Review the City's

transit service and

explore expanding the

use for senior appointments

in nearby cities. 

  • Conduct a City's transit service study
  • Update the transit service program with possible expanded use for senior appointments
  • May 2017                  
 In Progress Achieved 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 Achieved  Achieved

3. Goal: Enhance Community Engagement and Satisfaction with City Services 

3.1 Develop new programming at the Theatre to specifically target teens and young adults.

  • Establish new Theatre programming geared towards teens and young adults
  • Increase ticket purchases by teens and young adults
  • December 2019

3.2 Explore developing a full educational outreach program at the Theatre.

  • Implement new educational programming
  • December 2019

3.3 Explore expansion or enhancement opportunities based on the Theatre Operations and Organization study

  • Develop expansion plans or physical enhancements for the Theatre
  • July 2020



 In Progress In Progress  In Progress 

4. Goal: Collaborate with City Partners to Serve the Community

 4.1 Work with non-profit agencies that
provide vital social services to La Mirada

  • Annual Funding Agreements.
  • Annual review

4.2 Continue hosting regular meetings with
City and School District representatives to
discuss items of mutual interest. 

  • Meeting Actions
  • Quarterly

4.3 Work cooperatively with the School District, Athletic Council and Youth Leagues to provide optimal field usage for youth sports leagues.  

  • Fields for practices and games
  • Seasonally


 Achieved 2016,2017 Achieved 2016, 2017  Achieved 2016, 2017

5. Goal: Promote community pride

 5.1 Continue providing targeted events that
bring together the broader
La Mirada community.

  • Easter Egg Hunt; Independence Day
    Celebration; Stroll in the Park; Halloweenfest; Chili Holiday; and Summer Concerts.
  • Annual events

5.2 Recognize veterans and active local
military service personnel.

  • Military Banner program; Blue Star program;
    Veterans' Observance; Memorial Day event.
  • Annual events

5.3 Preserve and enhance local understanding of
La Mirada history.

  • Promote free monthly tours of the
    Neff Estate
  • Provide classroom history presentations
  • Continue to secure funding for restoration projects at the Neff Estate
  • Complete Neff Estate restoration projects. 
  • June 2017; Monthly 
 Achieved 2016, 2017
2018, 2019
Achieved 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 Achieved 2017