Provide Quality Planning and Infrastructure

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Goal 1: Modernize and Upgrade City Infrastructure

1.1 Creek Park walking, lighting, landscaping, and bridge improvements

  • Adopt a Creek Park Master Plan
  • December 2017

1.2 Continue to utilize Measure I to fund infrastructure improvements

  • Initiate construction of a minimum of one phase of Measure I improvements each year
  • July 2016, July 2017, July 2018, July 2019, July 2020

1.3 Upgrade or replace traffic signal components to meet current standards.

  • Complete construction of traffic signal work on a roadway corridor or grouping of a minimum of three traffic signals per year
  • July 2016, July 2017, July 2018

1.4 Through cooperation with County of Los Angeles, assist with the renovation of the Los Angeles County - La Mirada Public Library

  • Renovate Library
  • December 2016
In Progress
Achieved 2016, 2017
Achieved 2016 Achieved

1.5 Ensure Optimal Cost Recovery

  • Explore funding for sound wall along Stage Road
  • Obtain funding
  • December 2020

1.6 Design and construct block walls and sidewalks along east side of Santa Gertrudes Avenue, and coordinate utilities with Southern California Edison

  • Construction of new block wall and sidewalk
  • June 2017

1.7 Explore the implementation of an Arterial Block Wall Loan program

  • Implement loan program
  • Assisting up to 10 residents in FY 15-16, and 15 in FY 16-17 
  • July 2016; July 2017

1.8 Monitor the California High Speed Rail project and ensure La Mirada's interests are represented and communicated to CHSRA

  • Mitigated measures implemented in advance of HSR
  • December 2020
In Progress In Progress Achieved in 2016, 2017 In Progress

1.9 Work with CJPIA and a consultant to develop a self-evaluation and transition plan for City facilities and public right-of-ways to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

  • Complete a self-evaluation and adopt an ADA transition plan for City facilities and public right-of-ways
  • March 2017
In Progress 

2. Goal:   Review City Codes to Ensure the Protection of Properties

2.1 Update the Safety Element of the City's General Plan and the General Plan Map to address land use designation changes, land use distributions, population projects and new state mandates, including Senate Bill 379

  • Adopt General Plan Amendments
  • December 2020

2.2 Update various sections of the Zoning Ordinance to clarify development standards; address situations and uses previously not considered; maintain consistency with state mandates; and correct inconsistencies and omissions  

  • Adopt Zoning Ordinance Amendments
  • December 2020; Annual Review
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3. Goal: Ensure Existing and Future Development Reflects La Mirada's High Standards

3.1 Provide sense of place by ensuring that new development is in harmony with the design and size of existing structures through the consistent enforcement of Code prescribed development standards

  • Approval of development projects consistent with surrounding structures
  • December 2016; as projects are submitted


Achieved 2016, 2017