Provide a Safe Community

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Goal 1: Maintain a low crime rate

1.1 Preserve La Mirada's status as one of the safest cities in the region. 

  • Maintain crime rate less than 200 per 10,000 residents.
  • December 2016; Annual review

1.2 Encourage community oriented policing.

  • Continue providing public safety information and tips to residents and businesses 
  • Continue to encourage participation in volunteer programs
  • Canvas each reporting district neighborhood though a door-to-door public safety education campaign
  • Explore and Implement new outreach programs
  • December 2016

1.3 Enhance communication between businesses and the Public Safety Team to help reduce crime in commercial/industrial areas.

  • Visit five businesses monthly 
  • Monthly

1.4 Expand use of automated license plate readers to assist law enforcement in identifying suspected criminals or vehicles of interest in a safe and efficient manner. 

  • Installation of computerized license plate readers on 2 law enforcement vehicles.  
  • July 2017
Achieved 2015, 2016, 2017
Achieved 2016 Achieved

2. Goal:  Prevent Youth Involvement in Gang and Drug Activities 

2.1 Evaluate the 2nd, 5th and 7th grade Positive Alternatives classroom curriculum, and determine if modifications should be made

  •  Active communication between School Resource Deputy, High School Principal and others that can assist with identifying items at the high school level that can be addressed at the elementary and middle school levels
  •  Revamp Positive Alternatives program and curriculum at local schools 
  •  September 2016

2.2 Identify at-risk youth and offer intervention, education and prevention to youth and their families experiencing problems.

  • Safety Education Officer will communicate monthly with representatives of La Mirada High School and the La Mirada middle schools to identify at-risk youth
  • Juvenile Probation Officer will be visible on La Mirada High School campus to supervise informal and formal probationers
  • Deputy District Attorney will teach Project LEAD (Legal Enrichment and Decision Making) at Foster Road Elementary School
  • June 2017
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 Achieved Achieved 
Achieved Achieved

3. Goal: Enhance Safety of City Infrastructure

3.1 Assess street infrastructure improvements to reduce traffic congestion and collisions.

  • Work with Public Safety Commission to identify high traffic and collision areas
  • Develop a plan to implement infrastructure improvements to address identified areas 
  • Summer 2018

3.2 Evaluate lighting and security at City parks. 

  •  Develop a plan to install new or upgraded lighting at City parks
  • Explore opportunities for placement of cameras to increase security at various City parks
  • 2019

3.3 Ensure safe routes to schools.

  • Remove tripping and overhead hazards 
  • Summer 2017; Annual review

 3.4 Ensure safety of bike trails and lanes.

  • Ensure motorists are respecting biking laws
  • Remove any potential hazards
  • Install new and upgraded bike lanes where appropriate. 
  • Annual review            
 N/A N/A In Progress Achieved 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

4. Goal: Maintain a Code Enforcement Program to Protect and Beautify La Mirada Properties

4.1 Adopt a more consistent and coordinated process to enforce City Codes within commercial and industrial areas.

  •  Employ a standard schedule of code inspections in commercial and industrial areas
  • Issue notices and exercise appropriate follow-up procedures
  • July 2016
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