Support a Strong Local Economy

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Goal 1: Advance Business Attraction and Retention Efforts

1.1 Implement elements of the Economic Development Action Plan to enhance City business outreach and marketing efforts 

  • Complete Econ Solutions Economic Development action items
  • Attract new businesses and restaurants
  • July 2019

1.2 Explore new technologies and outreach to market commercial centers

  • Use new marketing methods
  • Attract new businesses and restaurants
  • December 2016

In Progress
Achieved in 2016, 2017

2. Goal:  Strengthen the City's Reputation as Business Friendly 

2.1 Ensure the process for reviewing and processing plans for tenant improvements and entitlements is expedient

  • Complete entitlement approvals within 90 days, Administrative review within 10 days. Environmental reviews and complex projects will require additional time.
  • June 2017; Per Review

2.2 Continue to partner with local organizations to grow the local business community

  • Continue to partner with the La Mirada Chamber of Commerce
  • Offer programs and classes through the SBA, CMTC, SASSFA
  • November 2016; Annual
I-5 Freeway
Achieved 2016  Achieved 2016,2017

3. Goal: Enhance Community Engagement and Satisfaction with City Services 

3.1 Review new commercial development and remodel projects to ensure building design and site layouts comply with adopted design guidelines. When guidelines do not exist, review projects to ensure they provide quality building and site design 

  • Approval of development projects consistent with design guidelines
  • August 2016; Per Project

3.2 Complete and adopt specific plan for the Interstate 5 Freeway corridor.  Plan will establish a unique list of permitted and conditionally permitted uses as well as unique development and design standards that will include building, parking, signage, landscaping and design requirements

  • Adopt I-5 Freeway Corridor Specific Plan as approved by City Council
  • July 2018

3.3 Explore creative approaches, funding and resources, including City Code revisions and code enforcement, to revitalize outdated commercial shopping centers

  • Use of creative approaches, funds and resources to revitalize appearance and economic viability of commercial shopping centers 
  • December 2018

 3.4 Develop an Economic Development Plan for each commercial shopping center to establish a vision and identify potential ways the City can participate 

  • Develop a Plan for each center
  • July 2017                     
 Achieved in 2016, 2017
2018, 2019
In Progress  In Progress Achieved