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Business can use the following links to learn about actions they can take to improve energy efficiency, reduce fuel usage, recycle, conserve water, buy green, protect public health and save money.

California Energy Commission
The California Energy Commission is the state's primary energy policy and planning agency.

Cal Recycle
RecycleStore showcases innovative recycled-content products made from California waste. RecycleStore puts you in touch directly with the manufacturers. Whether you are a wholesale buyer or an individual consumer.

Welcome to, a valuable resource for small businesses, individuals, local governments, and schools to learn about ways to reduce your environmental impact by lowering your greenhouse gas emissions.

US Environmental Protection Agency's Environmental Management Systems
An Environmental Management System is a management tool to:
•identify and control the environmental impact of a businesses' activities, products or services
•improve its environmental performance
•implement a systematic approach to setting environmental objectives and targets.

For an implementation guide click on the following link:

State Standards or "Title 24"
The California Energy Commission (CEC) administers energy efficiency standards for both residential and non-residential buildings. These standards mandate certain requirements for the building envelope, lighting systems, mechanical (or "heating, ventilating and air conditioning" [HVAC]) systems, and water heating systems. Any construction project that requires a building permit must comply with Title 24 requirements.

For more information on Title 24 call the Energy hotline (800) 772-3300 or visit

L.A. County Green Building Program
Has resources for improving designs and construction techniques so that buildings last longer, use fewer resources including energy, water, and materials, are healthier for the occupants, and have low impact the site location.

Build it Green
Build It Green is a membership supported non-profit organization whose mission is to promote healthy, energy- and resource-efficient homes in California. It offers a comprehensive package of local government support, professional training, collaboration forums, consumer education, and green product marketing to a range of stakeholders.

Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency
Lists information on California's State Rebate Program and California's Production Incentive for business and residents

Green California
Includes information on the California Energy Efficiency Program to decrease energy use and save money.

Southern California Edison
SCE provides a wide variety of rebates and other incentives to businesses of all sizes.

SoCal Gas Company
So Cal also provides many rebates and incentives for local businesses.

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Office Equipment:
• Turn office equipment off when not in use and after business hours.
• Set electronic equipment to default into “sleep” mode when it has not been used for a certain period of time.
• If you are purchasing new equipment, always look for the Energy Star.
•Avoid using large office equipment during the 3p.m. to 7p.m. peak.

• Purchase paper that contains the highest amount of recycled content.
• Print double-sided whenever possible.
• Reuse or recycle paper that has only been printed on one side.
• View documents with your “print preview” option before printing out.
• Use email and paperless billing, instead of fax or ground mail, whenever possible.

• Use fluorescent lighting to decrease energy consumption.
• Turn off any lights that are not in use; in particular, whenever you leave a room. 
• Install occupancy sensors in general usage areas so that lights turn on and off automatically.
• Install photocells or timers on outdoor lighting systems that operate from dusk to dawn.
• Replace warehouse and other high-bay lighting with HID lamps and or high-bay fluorescent fixtures.
• Replace your outdoor signs with LED lighting.
• Clean bulbs, fixtures and diffusers regularly to maintain maximum illumination levels.
• Utilize natural daylight as much as possible.

•Report leaky faucets, it can save you up to 20 gallons of water a day.
•Put a recycling bin at your desk.
•Use washable cups, flatware and plates
•Ask all vendors what "Green" solutions they use. Support green solutions.
•Use landscape companies that use electric equipment rather than gas.
•Instead of traveling to meetings, use online conference calls whenever possible.

For more energy savings ideas go to the City's Go-Green section.