Sidewalk Vending Permit

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Sidewalk Vending Permit

Ordinance No. 707 establishes a permitting process requiring sidewalk vendors to obtain a permit from the City.  As part of the permitting process, sidewalk vendors are required to complete a sidewalk application package with a non-refundable fee of $110 and provide the following information.  Please note, incomplete applications will not be considered. 

  1.  Provide personal identification
  2.  Provide detailed information on items that will be sold
  3.  Proposed hours of operation
  4.  Provide a site plan showing the proposed sales location
  5.  Submit a photograph of the vending receptacle with dimensions
  6.  Provide current Certificate of Liability Insurance 
  7.  Provide valid Los Angeles County Department of Health permits
  8.  Provide current California Department of Tax and Fee Administration seller's permit
  9.  Provide City of La Mirada business license.  (License will be issued upon completion and approval of sidewalk vendor application package).  You will apply as an Out-of-City Business. Business license fee is determined by estimated gross receipts. 

Upon approval of your application, you will be issued a City issued sidewalk vendor license and must be visible and worn at all times.  

 The permit is valid for one year.  Permits and City business license must be renewed annually.