The Community Development Department is responsible for overseeing the City’s physical development and redevelopment. The Department provides the functions of Planning and Building, Economic Development and Housing, Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program management and rehabilitation, and Code Enforcement.

The Planning and Building function is responsible for the planning and development of the City’s physical development, including reviewing and analyzing the City’s land use and zoning objectives, processing zoning and land-use applications, conducting plan check reviews and performing building permit inspections.

The Economic Development function is committed to working with local businesses and developers to grow the local economy.

The Housing function is responsible for administering the City's low- and moderate- income housing programs.

Code Enforcement is responsible for enforcing the City’s Municipal Code in residential, commercial, and industrial areas. CDBG funding is used primarily to provide low-income homeowners with assistance through financial instruments to correct code violations and complete home improvements.

The Community Development Department can be reached by calling (562) 943-0131.