La Mirada Athletic Council

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La Mirada Athletic Council

La Mirada Athletic Council 
Scott Anderson

La Mirada Matadores Youth Football
(5-13 yrs.) 
 Travis Alexander

La Mirada Baseball Association
(3.5-14 yrs.) 
Marcus Nichols

La Mirada Little League
(4-16 yrs.)
Aaron Abler

La Mirada Youth Basketball NJB
(Grades 3-8)
Rich Estrada

Southern California Seahorses 
Mark Shrock

La Mirada Girls Softball Association
(5-18 yrs.)
Miriam Curiel
La Mirada Soccer Association 
Ruben Orozco
(866) 930-LMSA


  • To secure, coordinate and maximize the use of recreational facilities for the youth and young adults of La Mirada.
  • To provide a common communication link between members of the Council, civic and governmental agencies.
  • To assist in resolving common problems effecting Member Organizations of the Council.
  • To promote and advance amateur sports.
  • To assist youth leagues in obtaining community sponsorship and facilities.
  • To promote the ideals of sportsmanship, fellowship and fair play.

Members of the Council

  1. The Council shall be composed of not more than three (3) delegates from each Member Organization. Delegates shall be appointed from each Member Organization by a letter certifying the appointment. The letter shall be directed to the President of the Council.
  2. Membership in the Athletic Council shall be limited to youth and young adults sports organizations that are:
  • Licensed as a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization reflecting a La Mirada mailing address
  • Sanctioned by a state or national non-profit organization
  • Governed by a local board whose President, Vice President, Treasurer and at least 75% of its membership are La Mirada residents
  • Comprised of at least 75 percent of the participants who are La Mirada residents
  • Have a meeting place in La Mirada
  • Recreational programs, which have open enrollment for La Mirada residents, and are not club teams or private organizations.

Organizations may apply for membership by submitting a letter of request to the City of La Mirada Community Services Department detailing specific compliance with the qualifying criteria. Potential members may be requested to attend a meeting of the La Mirada Athletic Council to answer questions pertinent to the application. The Athletic Council may reject otherwise qualified applicants if it is judged that the approval of membership is not in the best interest of youth sports in La Mirada.

Member Organizations shall abide by provisions of the City of La Mirada's Athletic Facility Use Agreement, as this agreement may be amended from time to time. The provisions shall include, but not be limited to, the following requirements:

  • Verification of the Member Organization's non-profit tax exempt status
  • Proof of general liability and property damage insurance
  • A current copy of the Members Organization's bylaws
  • A copy of the Member Organization's financial statement audited within the last 12 months
  • A schedule of meetings for Membership and Board of Directors
  • The Executive Board must be elected by registered Members of the organization. Members must be parents or guardians of each participant playing in the organization
  • Failure to secure and maintain a Facility Use Agreement with the City of La Mirada within 30 days of being notified on non-compliance will result in suspension from the Athletic Council. Sixty days after notification of non-compliance the organization will be automatically expelled from membership in the Athletic Council unless it has obtained the necessary Facility Use Agreement. An organization, which is expelled from the Athletic Council, shall be eligible to reapply for membership in the Athletic Council

The Council shall be comprised of the president from each Member Organization. In the event the president is unable to fulfill the obligations, a designated alternate representative of the Member Organization's Board of Directors may be appointed through a letter provided to the President of the Council. Said alternate shall be designated to serve for a one year period.


The Council shall meet at least once each month. The President may call special meetings. Member Organizations shall be notified no less than twenty-four (24) hours in advance by telephone or in writing as to the date, time, place and purpose of the meeting.

The Athletic Council meets on the second Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m.


The City Council has designated the La Mirada Athletic Council (LMAC) with the responsibility to oversee use of La Mirada Athletic Facilities. In the event a conflict occurs between the scheduling by the LMAC, the City shall have priority.

Users interested in using Athletic Facilities for programs, competitive tournaments, individual and group practices, or special events are encouraged to become members of the LMAC.

LMAC members will be given priority with regard to the use of Athletic Facilities. Users that are not members of the LMAC may request a permit for use of Athletic Facilities by writing a letter to the LMAC and City. Users will be subject to the scheduling availability of the athletic facility and other requirements of the LMAC.