Living with Coyotes

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What can you do?

  • Do not feed coyotes and other wildlife.
  • Make sure outside garbage is secured and fallen fruit from trees and birdseed from bird feeders is picked up.
  • Do not feed your pets outdoors or leave pet food and water outdoors unattended, especially at night.
  • Do not allow pets to roam free outside (including in your backyard), especially at night; make sure to keep your dog on a leash during walks.
  • Keep your landscaping trimmed and open so that they don’t provide hiding places for coyotes or other wildlife.
  • Make sure that fencing around your yard is secure –six-foot tall and buried six inches deep is recommended to prevent digging underneath it.

If approached by a coyote or if one is in your neighborhood:

  • “Haze” them. Stand tall, yell, wave your arms, blow a whistle or horn, bang pots or pans together, spray water or throw rocks.
  • While they may stop and observe, they will eventually run.
  • Do not run away or turn your back on them. Stand your ground and then back slowly away while practicing hazing techniques.
  • If you feel your personal safety is immediately at risk, call 911.


L.A. County Animal Care & Control
(562) 940-6898