Captain K-9

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Captain K-9


Captain K-9 is a crime awareness program sponsored by the City of La Mirada that encourages dog walkers to serve as “extra” eyes and ears for law enforcement in their ongoing crime prevention efforts.  Unlike a community watch program, Captain K-9 requires no commitment beyond an individual’s regular routine.  The goal of the program is to educate as many people as possible to heighten their senses in order to report suspicious behaviors and evidence of criminal activity occurring along their route.

Follow these simple tips while walking your dog to identify and report suspicious activity.

  • Input the La Mirada Community Sheriff’s Station Phone number (562) 902-2960 in your in cell phone. 
  • If you see a crime in progress, call 911. 
  • Be aware, know your route, start really observing
  1. Learn the street names you walk on
  2. Know what is normal and notice changes
  3. Identify cars, people, and homes
  4. Remember your own personal safety (carry a flashlight, take out ear buds, put down your cell phone).
  • Identify unusual or suspicious behavior and/ or activity - use your intuition
  1. Behavior that is not the norm
  2. Conduct is unusual, different, odd, or dangerous
  3. Conduct appears wrong, or just not right
  4. Broken or abandoned vehicles
  5. Individuals peering into vehicles 
  • When reporting suspicious activity:
  1. Give a short statement of why you are calling
  2. Let the dispatchers direct the call
  3. If you are put on hold they are not being rude, priority calls may be taking place
  4. Give the location:street address is best, if not-- two cross streets
  5. Direction (mode of transportation of suspicious persons)
  6. Description of vehicle or person -Try to come up with something unusual or distinctive (window decals or bumper stickers)